Procedure of Emasculation

by Baalsebub

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It's time
Your penis will be removed forever
They'll take off all your clothes
And throw you on the table
Tie you up with ropes
And it's time to choose the instrument

of Emasculation
of Emasculation

The tormentor looks at your small hairy cock
Touching your penis and testicles
Your penis erects*
All the people around you look at your sweaty face*
The tormentor takes a sharp knife from the table
And starts to cut off your testicles

Slowly painfully cutting your scrotum
Left testicle falls out
Tormentor slowly continues to cut you scrotum
Your right testicle falls out
Now you don't have a scrotum
Now you don't have testicles

Now they put your testicles and scrotum on the table
When the testicles are removed they start to cut off your penis
With the same knife your testicles were cut off with
Slowly strumming your erect penis with the knife
Bloody slowly flowing on the table
Slowly sperm starts to flow from the wound
You scream like a madman

Finally you start to vomit
You throw up on yourself
Penis finally strummed off
Put on the table next to the testicles
You scream and struggle
Vomit flows on to your wound
They release you from the ropes
But you are too weak to escape
Your head will be put on the blood covered table
Naked body covered with vomit and blood

You cry and beg not to be killed
The executioner doesn't care about it
You feel something sharp on your neck
Suddenly your head is chopped off

of Emasculation
of Emasculation


released August 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Baalsebub Tallinn, Estonia

Baalsebub is Estonian Brutal Slam Death Metal band
Formed in 2013
Lyrical themes: medieval torturing , medieval life , gore , history

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